Becoming a life advisor

Becoming A Life Advisor

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The role of Financial Advisors has changed dramatically over the past four decades. At one time their role was providing bits of information to clients and executing their buy and sell orders. Changes in regulation, negotiated commissions, on-line computer trading, deep discount brokerage firms and a proliferation of new products has dramatically changed the profession.
Buying and selling individual stocks and bonds was the basic role that Account Executives played for their clients in 1960. A small percentage of individuals were investing in the markets. With the advent of 401-k retirement plans and an expanding middle class the number of individuals investing multiplied. Mutual funds grew from a couple of dozen to over ten thousand. Investment research, which was once only available from brokers, has become available on TV, on the Internet, magazines and newsletters.
The Securities Industry now provides Financial Planning, mortgages, lending, credit cards, professionally managed portfolios, hedge funds and many other investment services.
Client needs have become much more complex. Financial Advisors are providing much more comprehensive services.
Financial Advisors in their professional role must now follow and understand developments in economics, political policy, global fi nance and trade, technology, bio-technology, and a number of other industry developements. This book explores and defi nes all of these developments and provides a guide and understanding of how and why Financial Advisors can become LIFE ADVISORS to their clients.


Praise for Becoming A Life Advisor

This new book is a tutorial on building trust between the professional advisor and his or her clients.

– –Bruce G. Willison, Dean, UCLA Anderson School of Management

The message is compelling because it is written by two guys who have been there,and done that.

– –Roland Seidler, Chairman and CEO Seidler Companies

I place great value on what he has to say – Richard gets it right.

– -Don Connelly, Senior Marketing Officer, Putnam Investments