Coaching Services

Since there are many different recipes for success, Richard provides a variety of customized coaching services. The benefit derived from any training session is dependent on execution. Individuals frequently want and need individual follow-up sessions to sharpen their skills and implement the new techniques into their practice.


Financial Advisor or Wholesaler Skype Coaching programs.

Five one hour coaching sessions by Skype are offered to Financial Advisors and Wholesalers who wish to learn the best practices to enhance their individual productivity. Additional hours can be added if desired.

Fee schedule: A minimum fee of $5,000 paid in advance for this program. Additional hours can be added for $ 1,500. per hour.

Financial Advisor or Team in Person Coaching.

At present, Richard is accepting a limited number of coaching relationships in the securities industry. Current production levels must exceed one million in production credits or fees. This is a two years program with substantial interface between Richard and your team. Each coaching program is customized, focusing on the particular objectives you have for yourself or for your team.

Fee schedule: The total fee for this program is $25,000.00 payable in two installments.

Private consultation by Skype or conference call.

For individuals or teams who need access to Richard for specific consultation.

Fee schedule: $2,000 per session

CEO Coaching Services.

Richard helps CEO’s create an excellent client experience and increase the productivity of their sales forces. In addition he helps position the company so that it may receive its highest valuation in the market place.

Fee schedule : Negotiable